BIOMIT® is a natural plant nutrient which strengthens plants, boosts their selfdefense system, keeps diseases and pests away, and increases agricultural yields.

Why use it

BIOMIT® is harmless to humans and the environment. Conventional fertilizers and pesticides turn the soil acidic and saline, however BIOMIT® does not deplete the soil. Farmers are challenged to keep their production volume stable and crop quality high. BIOMIT® offers a solution to stabilize yields and improve value.

BIOMIT® has a proven track record of increasing yield, strengthening crop resistance against disease and extreme weather, improving plant quality, altogether resulting in earlier harvest times and more efficient plant protection. Its unique composition repels a large number of insects, bugs, rodents and wild animals.

How it works

BIOMIT® completely covers the surface of the leaves, creating a layer that prevents water from evaporating, keeping the plants hydrated for long periods.

BIOMIT® spreads out over the leaf surface, it cannot be washed off easily. It is a plant-nourishing system based on photosynthesis through exposure to light, as a result of which plants make use of minerals more easily.

Impacts sustainable agriculture and environment-consciousness

Regular use results in the following benefits

  • Higher yield
  • Quality crops
  • Reduction of heavy metal content and chemical residue
  • Strengthened resistance against disease and pests
  • Prevention and elimination of plant nutrient deficiency
  • Less irrigation needed since the substance reduces evaporation
  • Activated root system - minerals absorbed through the leaves
  • Prevention of damage to crops from wild animals
  • More bountiful, healthier and earlier harvest


The BIOMIT® solution should be sprayed on the leaves using conventional spraying methods. It can be applied generally across agriculture, for sustainable and responsible farming.

Safe use on fruit and vegetable farms, arable crops and floricultures, vineyards, greenhouse agriculture, lawns, landscaping, grains, corn, rice, soy, potato, cotton, tea, coffee, cocoa, bamboo, and many more…