Become a Partner

We aim to establish long-term business partnerships with farmers, universities, agricultural/environmental research institutes, wholesalers of agricultural products.

We are interested in conducting both academic and economic pilot projects on different plant varieties in North America to scientifically record and publish findings.

We are looking for partners with whom we can conduct pilot projects.

In cooperation with farmers, we plan to realize improved nutritional and economic outcomes without having to essentially change the production technologies and budget.

Our main goals with our partners are:

  • Positioning Biomit as a cost-effective way to avoid overstressing the soil and to improve people’s well-being through healthier crops
  • Influencing people’s behaviour and attitude about environment-consciousness
  • Portraying the link between natural agricultural technologies and the importance of sustainability
  • Encouraging customers to make right choices when it is about vegetable and fruit quality
  • Proving the outstanding benefits of Biomit through academic- and farmer feedback studies

We are looking forward to hearing from you.